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Mameshiba Love Winter illustrated by Thomas Flintham

Mameshiba Love Winter

When it's cold and snowy, Mameshiba are ready to play! The clever beans are building a snow castle, and you can join in the fun. Decorate the snowy scenes with stickers and play around the castle with your very own Mameshiba figures. Plus, keep the beans warm by dressing them up in winter gear!


--12 character punch-outs and stands (one each of the characters mentioned in the story)

--25 stickers which can be used throughout the book, including hats, scarves and earmuffs to decorate the character punch-outs

--The inside front cover has an envelope that will house the punch-out character sheets and sticker sheets

--Book contains pop-out play scene of the snow castle.

--Additional seek-and-find element hidden throughout the book.spread.


Illustrated by Thomas Flintham

Published by Viz Media.

12 pages, Hardback, released November 2011.

ISBN: 978-1421541105


Find out more about Mameshiba here.

Mameshiba love winter illustrated by  thomas flinthamMameshiba love winter illustrated by  thomas flinthamMameshiba love winter illustrated by  thomas flintham